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Self-Presence Podcast

Alexander Krapenitskiy

Alexander Krapenitskiy from the philosophy project Self-Presence talks about philosophy and how it can help create an orderly, balanced, and happy life. And eventually, lead to the enjoyment of everyday life and intellectual activities. Experience the pleasure by pure philosophical thought and understand the inner workings of your mind better with each episode. And not only that, but you will also be able to read challenging philosophical texts and understand their intrinsic human value. Since 2017, after almost eleven years of philosophical education in several universities and countries, Alexander's been sharing his knowledge to bring philosophy as a way of life back into our culture. He believes that although philosophy is a complicated subject, it rewards us much for our hard work. His website, holds articles and podcasts on philosophy, philosophical way of life, and related mindfulness practices. The final goal of the project is to help people realise their intellectual potential. Click subscribe, and get ready to become self-present.